Software Solutions for Travel Businesses – Announcing New Features

We are thrilled to announce some great new features in our software for travel businesses. These features are aimed at helping travel companies boost their online sales, while allowing them to efficiently manage their back-office operations. Let’s look at some of these features:

Packages booking system with CRS

Allows Tour Operators to configure pre-defined packages in the inventory system. Tour Operators can setup their pre-defined packages with availability, schedule and rate details. It also allows tour operators to sell their static packages on the front end booking engine with online confirmation. It allows operators to configure details like itinerary of tour, available days, primary / secondary locations, inclusions, exclusions, terms and conditions etc.

Our system also allows the user to provide certain additional options wherein the tour operator can offer some special add-ons like different accommodation options, individual transfers, freebies etc. In a nutshell, this system can be a very useful option for package sales on their online portal.

TravelCarma Tour Operator Software
Travel Agents/Tour Operators can set up their packages with descriptions, rates, policies and availability

Trip Planner

Allows registered customers to create their own trip plans for themselves and share it with their companions via email, invite them to discuss the plan on the portal and make the bookings. The plan can be saved with a validity date and customer can book the same plan at a later date with real-time rates and availability checks. The module also allows the customer to manually enter the items that are not booked through the Portal, but are essential to the decision making.

TravelCarma Trip Planner
TravelCarma’s Trip Planner tool using which customers can create trips and share and discuss them with their friends

Dynamic Quotation Builder

Allows you to build and send complex, multi-product quotations in a matter of minutes. Your Agents/Employees can create custom tour packages with an option to add offline products. This would help you service 5 times more queries, reduce costs and increase your efficiency.

TravelCarma Quotation Manager
TravelCarma’s Quotation Builder drastically reduces your turnaround time on multi-product quotations

Map Based Search

This allows your customers to view all directly contracted hotels on an interactive world map. When the user zooms-in, the search gets narrowed down and the hotels are pin-pointed on their exact locations on the map. On clicking the hotel in the map, the user would be directed to the hotel detail page where they can view the availability and rates of the hotel’s rooms. In this visual search process, search results are displayed on a map, rather than traditional search , where the results are displayed as a list.

TravelCarma Travel Software with Map Based Search
Map-based search allows customers to search hotels on a map

Book Now Pay Later
This unique feature allows your customers to review and book your products online but pay later in person or by credit. Give your customers the flavor of booking online with the convenience and service of offline.

For more information on these features and how they can help your travel business, please contact us on



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