Benefits of a Quotation Builder for a Travel Business

Building quotations can be a time consuming task for a travel agency, especially if it’s for a multi-destination itinerary with multiple products. If you are a small business, with limited staff, it can take you anything between few hours to few days to create a quote for a customer. That’s why it’s advisable for a travel agency to invest in a solution that includes a Quotation Builder. A Quotation Builder allows you to build complex, multi-product quotations within minutes, share them with your customers, get their feedback and be able to book using the same quotation. All of this functionality should be within the system. It should also allow you to save the quotations for providing similar quotations but with the latest prices to other customers. They are like stored packages but flexible. By cutting down the turnaround time on building a quotation, it allows your staff to focus on more important tasks, such as creating better packages and customer service, rather than spending most of their time on creating quotes. In addition allowing you to book using the quotation itself is in itself a great time saver. Thus a Quotation Builder thus helps you service more queries, reduce costs and ultimately increase your business’ profitability. Some key benefits of using a Quotation Builder are:

  • It allows you to select, copy, merge, add, move and save the online bookable items through the shopping cart
  • Enables faster search with multiple travel options
  • You can add selected products to the quotation and send the quotation via email to multiple recipients
  • You can book itinerary using the options given within the quotation itself thus saving a lot of time
  • Reduces turnaround time
  • Reduces operational costs

TravelCarma’s B2B solution includes a strong Quotation Management functionality, in addition to several other productivity tools. To find out how our software can help your travel business become more cost-efficient, please contact us on or visit us on


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